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Bio - Mike Klinefelter

Specialist Coach Mike Klinefelter began his journey in the sports and athletic industry exercise science departments from 1983-97. A former state, regional, and national title holder with background in bodybuilding, power & Olympic weight training. Mike traveled the United States putting on exhibitions with World's Strongest Man, Bill Kazmier & other world class athletes and record holders. At the NFL's Strongest Man in Football competition, "the Kas" demonstrated his strength by bench pressing repetitions of over 600 pounds while Klinefelter displayed muscle endurance by squatting 405 pounds for multiple sets of 20 repetitions.

In the 90's, Klinefelter entered the track & field arena founding & coaching track teams. By 2002, he was coaching the 4x400 relay team of the Georgia Express, a Jr. Olympic team competing on the National level. Under Klinefelter's training and coaching, the Georgia Express took 1st at state, 2nd Youth Nationals, 3rd region & 4th at USTAFA Nationals. He was then hired as the speed development coach for the sprint team at KSU where, in their 1st year as a D1 school, KSU's 4x400 relay team took 1st at the indoor conference championships.

In addition to coaching track and owning his own training facility, Klinefelter began the in depth study of plyometrics and speed development training. By the late 1990's, he was incorporating this research into his teachings. Recognizing the success of the local athletes he was training with plyometrics and speed development, and the lack of exposure in the local market, he opened The Sports Training Center & Speed School in 2002. Today, after decades in the industry and with his reputation as a plyometrics and speed development specialist, he has been featured in Sports Illustrated, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, The Marietta Daily Journal, TV - 11 Alive Sports with Randy Waters and Northside News. His Sports Training Center & Speed School now has hundreds of athletes training annually.

Because most sports require the athlete to reach top speed quicker, change directions, and react to their position, sport, and situation, his primary focus is on teaching reaction speed and overall athleticism - not just straight away speed. This style of training has been used at the professional level and taught at major universities over the past several decades. As younger athletes incorporate speed and plyometric training, in addition to the weight room, their generation will set new standards of performance.

2002 Opens "The Sports Training Center & Speed School" in Cobb County Ga.

2005 Recrutied by KSU as sprint coach for track team, 4x400 relay team takes 1st in the university's first yr. as a D-1 school at indoor confrerence championchips.

2007 Bought in by Speed to Win Nat. equipment & software co. to disign sports training curriculem.

2009 "The Speed School" becomes the official training facility for MMA Hardknox & its fighters. Training MMA fighters with the same techniques to train other athletes adjusting the drills for this particular sport. MMA has become the fastest growing sport in the world, its athletes require more training hours then any other professional athlete.

2010 "The Speed School" selected as official training facility for NUC National Underclassmen Combine. In conjunction with Ultimate 100, National Passing Academy & NUC holds 2 Atlanta Combines each year as Coach Mike will be preparing the athletes for the event.

2012 "The Speed School" expands to 10,000 sq.ft. 12 sprint lanes, 40 yd, jogging track, expanded 2,000 sq. ft. wt room & euipment, coach/parent observtion area.

2015: 1st Annual Paul Oliver Football Camp Charity event created to develop football skills & bring awareness to head injury from impact, Coach Mike led dynamic warm ups & core drills. Keynote speaker Dorsey Levens former NFL RB Green Bay speaks to players on What it takes to play at the NEXT LEVEL

Partners - Coach Austin Klinefelter-Beth Klinefelter-Coach Lee Teebins-Coach Jared Arntzen