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The Speed School opened in 2002 for athletes of all sports & ages to receive professional training in speed development, agility, plyometrics & strength training. The Speed School evaluates each student and teaches them to break down each skill into components of mechanics, technique, and form so that the optimum potential of the athlete can be reached. This emphasis on the execution of the drills is a priority so that the student is not just conditioning, but improving and increasing their speed, agility, and strength. Just as when a baseball player works with a hitting coach, he is taught the most efficient way to hit a ball. When a baseball player learns and implements the mechanics of the swing, he will hit the ball further. The same applies to running. An athlete will increase his speed when he learns the mechanics of the run.

Mike Klinefelter's job and training philosophy are simple: to take athletes and make them better, to push them to the next level, and to develop their self esteem, self confidence, game confidence and all around athleticism. Speed in sports has become the #1 requirement to advance their athletic career. If an athlete has the speed and athleticism to attract the scouts of a D-I school or the big league, they are on their way. Once there, there will be coaches that will continue to teach them how to better their skills - how to throw, how to hit, how to field or how to catch; but the speed and athleticism is what will get them noticed.